Tips for the perfect stack

Tips for the perfect stack

Anyone that knows SHAY, will recognize our signature stacks. Stack styling can take years to perfect so we sat down with co-founder, Tania Shayan to get her top tips.



Starting with diamonds as the base allows you to have fun with building in other gemstones or different shades of gold. Leaving negative space in your stack will also provide room for each piece to been seen and not overcrowded.




1. Pick a core piece and then create your stack around that.
2. Try to mix metals and colors and textures. Mix soft links and tennis bracelets with bangles.
3. Mix sizes. Have fun with a mixture of widths. 
4. Odd numbers! 3, 5, or 7 seem to be the lucky numbers. 




1. Start by adding in shorter necklaces/chokers first and then add to the stack from there.
2. Stack a couple of chokers, then a necklace worn super short in between your collar bones. Leave some negative space and then add a longer necklace around 22-25inches.
3. Wear the necklaces layered at different lengths. Don't overlap them, this way you can see each piece nicely, and also they don’t tangle!
4. Smaller necklaces higher up/ top layer and larger sized necklaces for the bottom layer
5. You can mix up different metals, colors, and textures. You don’t want everything to be the same piece just worn at different lengths


The same rules apply here as they do above.
Cocktail rings don’t need as much stacking and there generally isn't much room around them. The rule of odd numbers works well here also, different widths for the rings create nice depth to the stack. 


Mostly, have as much fun as possible and try to step outside what you would normally wear. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality.