Link Love

Link Love

Create your perfect vibe with our favorite linked looks.

It’s no secret that links are one of our favorite looks here at SHAY. But which linked look is right for you? Never fear--we’ve organized a handy style guide to help! Take a look at our five-link types, then visit the sizing guides to see our signature link layering style in action.
Debating between the right link width for you? We've got you covered! Here you will find everything you need to know about our different links. We have 5 different link sizes: Baby Link, Mini Link, Medium Link, Essential Link & Jumbo Link.

Sweet, subtle, and sophisticated. The Baby is the perfect delicate look that plays well with others. Layer up with bold pieces, or combine your baby link with your favorite delicate jewelry for a flawlessly feminine look. 

Mini Link 

A step up in size from Baby, the mini link has an elegant yet bold look that brings together any outfit. We love to combine our minis with a favorite ring for a curated look that’s as playful as it is sophisticated.

 Medium Link 

The Medium Link link hits the sweet spot. Big enough to bring visual drama, but subtle enough to play well with others, it’s ideally paired with a colorful bracelet or an eye-catching ring.


 Essential Link 

Big, bold, and beautiful! The essential link is as iconic as its name, ready to be dressed up or down as the occasion demands. It’s ideal for layering with your favorite pendant to create a one of a kind look.


 Jumbo Link 

The Jumbo Link is our go-to when we want to express ourselves in boss babe style. The perfect eye-catching piece to pull together a dramatic look or take your everyday style from drab to fab with one simple piece.


Necklace Link Sizing Guide:
From Top - Bottom
Bracelet Link Sizing Guide:
From Left - Right 
Ring Link Sizing Guide:
From Left - Right 
Whether you wear them alone, or combine them like we do for a perfect layered look, SHAY’s linked designs offer something special for every style. Let’s link-up! Tag @shayjewelry on Instagram to share your perfect link style.