All About SHAY

Welcome to SHAY: Exquisite jewelry that celebrates the diverse facets of a woman's personality. Crafted by Ladan and Tanaz Shayan, a dynamic mother-daughter duo hailing from Los Angeles, this collection exudes timeless elegance while embracing contemporary and modern designs.


Born in 2003 from a shared passion for fashion, globetrotting adventures, and the relaxed sophistication of Southern California, SHAY Jewelry is meticulously handcrafted using exquisite diamonds and precious gemstones, all set in luxurious 18-karat gold. Our pieces are thoughtfully designed to be stacked, layered, and mixed-and-matched, seamlessly integrating into your everyday attire.


What sets SHAY apart is its harmonious blend of Ladan and Tanaz's distinctive perspectives. These two exceptionally stylish women, representing different generations, come together to create jewelry that resonates with women of all ages. While their aesthetics align remarkably, they thrive on collaborating to ensure each piece is effortlessly wearable.


Every SHAY creation is a fusion of their individual notions of beauty and the mutual inspiration they derive from one another. This is the essence of SHAY's triumphant journey: the fusion of two generations, harmonizing their unique tastes into exquisite jewelry.



Tanaz & Ladan Shayan