Introducing our official aftercare partner: Shinery

Brea Fullerton founded Shinery after getting married with a dirty ring.
While engaged, wedding planning and trying new ways to keep her ring clean became part of her daily routine. After countless googling and pinteresting, she was shocked to find her options were either homemade remedies or products that were toxic, full of harsh chemicals, and required her to soak her ring in a jar for long periods of time. Despite going to the jeweler to get it professionally cleaned days before her wedding, she noticed dry shampoo, lotion, and other beauty products dulling her shine on her wedding day.
It was on her wedding day that she realized what she was looking for in a jewelry cleaning product: clean ingredients, convenient to use at home or on the go, and as effective as a professional cleaning. This didn't exist, so she decided to invent it.
Shinery was created with the belief that if they use the most innovative, market-leading technology and formulate with clean, plant-based ingredients, they would have no need for secrets, no need for hidden formulas, and wouldn’t have to compromise on the results.
Principle #1: Formulate & Educate – Shinery believes in only using intelligent ingredients for radiant results. All of their formulas have been specifically developed by leading chemists to harness the beautifying power derived from both plant and water-based ingredients. They believe in educating on how their formulas work and why they are effective.
Principle #2: Technology & Innovation – Shinery believes in using the most innovative, market-leading technology to create products that require minimal effort yet offer maximum results. All of their products are thoughtfully designed and easy to use for immediate and noticeably visible results.
Principle #3: Ingredient Declaration - Shinery in transparency and do not believe in trade secrets or mysterious formulas. They believe you deserve to know exactly what is in the products you are using.
Principle #4: Our No List: The Fearful Five. Some of the most common ingredients in personal cleaning products aren’t actually clean at all. This is why Shinery developed their own No List of Ingredients that they call the Fearful Five; if it is dangerous or toxic, you won’t find it in any of our formulas.
Methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone (MIT and CMIT): Common but harmful preservatives
Sulfates: Harmful yet found in more than 90% of personal care and cleaning products
Phthalates: Common but harmful preservatives
Parabens: Common but harmful preservatives
Synthetic Colors and Fragrance: Lack of transparency is against our ingredient philosophy
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