Check out this lesson in effortless styling, featuring the most underrated yet statement-making piece in your ring stack -- the pinky ring.


1. The Statement

Statement rings are a fabulous ode to self-expression — a fantastic way to show the world more of who you are. 

A chance to truly flaunt your individuality, these rings are the proverbial icing on the cake to your personal style. They’re an extension of your fashion, and they put the finishing touches on the outfits, you curate.

2. Keep it Classic
Rings worn on the pinky are traditionally Signet rings. Especially pinky rings worn by men.  Now, signet rings are worn by men and women from all walks of life who wish to exhibit style, or a sentimental connection with something or someone.

Known as the ‘gentleman’s ring’, the signet ring is traditionally seen as a symbol of family heritage. However, it has been around longer than heraldry. For many centuries, the signet ring bore the family crest or coat of arms, which leads us to the final step.


3.Twin Ring
Twin rings are certainly the focus of attention at the moment, being the favorite of many A list celebrities. Customize yours with gemstones to suit your personality or to to blend seamlessly with your current ring collection.
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