In the world of luxury jewelry, a sparkling partnership has emerged that promises to revolutionize the way we maintain the brilliance of our precious adornments. We are proud to announce our official partnership with Shinery, a company born out of necessity and guided by a commitment to clean, plant-based ingredients. Together, we are setting a new standard for jewelry care that is as safe and effective as it is convenient.

Shinery's story begins with the founder, Brea Fullerton, who experienced firsthand the challenges of maintaining the radiance of her engagement ring during the whirlwind of wedding planning. Frustrated by the lack of suitable options on the market—ranging from homemade remedies to products laden with toxic chemicals—she envisioned a jewelry cleaning product that would meet the criteria of clean ingredients, convenience, and professional-level effectiveness.
In this blog post, we're about to shed light on the best practices for keeping your precious treasures shining brilliantly.


Earrings often take a backseat when it comes to jewelry care. However, neglecting them can lead to the accumulation of skin cells, bacteria, and oils, all of which can dim the sparkle of your gold, diamonds, and gemstones. This neglect can also have implications for your ear health, potentially leading to infections.



Everyday wear of necklaces makes them more susceptive to the buildup of perfumes, oils, skin cells, lotions, and makeup. This buildup can cause your necklaces to appear dull and may damage any gemstones on the necklace. Cleaning your necklaces weekly ensures the longevity of their metal composition and gemstones. 

Shinery recommends cleaning your everyday earrings and necklaces with a Radiance Towelette at least once a week to restore shine and prevent unwanted buildup.


Rings maintain constant contact with your fingers and hands, making them a magnet for bacteria and environmental contaminants. Over time, they can lose their luster due to lotion, oils, and beauty products. Regular cleaning can help prevent these issues and ensure that your rings not only shine but also remain safe for your skin.  

Shinery recommends using the Radiance Wash for daily shine, as it is designed to be used every time you wash your hands. For shine on-the-go, we recommend the Radiance Towelettes, as they do not require water or rinsing.

 Stay tuned because we've got plenty more exciting updates on jewelry cleaning coming your way as we dive into this new chapter with Shinery. Let's make every moment sparkle like never before!

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