Happy International Women’s Day!

On this day, we celebrate the unique strength, victories, courageous efforts, and achievements of women everywhere. We were fortunate enough to interview some of our incredibly impactful women who are involved with the SHAY brand and remain trailblazers on a daily.
Read to find out more about these familiar faces and what International Women's Day means to them. 



Celebrity Stylist. Known for her tremendous work with many of Hollywood's familiar faces, such as Katy Perry, this Aussie now calls Los Angeles home.

"I’ve grown up surrounded by amazing women, I’ve worked with incredible women, and I’m grateful for my wife every day. To me, International Women’s day is about celebrating the people in my life and those that inspire me from afar."



Boss Lady | SHAY. 

"Surrounding yourself with strong woman that empower you. Women can do anything. We can be moms, we can be wives, we can be CEOs, we can be bosses. When we work hard and come together, anything is possible."



Editorial & Celebrity Stylist. Jenny is an LA native, with work featured in GQ, Rolling Stone, and Nylon... just to name a few.

"International Women's Day means to me that we have a strong bond with all women alike from all cultures and races. Everyone is born from a woman, so it should be a day celebrated by all. I also love being a woman as we are fierce, loyal, and loving. Fun fact: did you know that reindeer with antlers are all female? That means Santa's sled was driven by a female-only team. I love that :)"



Stylist & Custom Designer in Los Angeles. Lim has had her work featured in publications such as tmrw magazine and Huff Post but is the quintessential Angelino, laid back and loving it.

"International Women's Day is a major opportunity to lift up my female peers, my women friends, the ladies who are in the tightest ring of my circle. Without them, I would not be who I am as a private and public person nor would I be able to pursue my dreams as tenaciously. I'm able to with them in my cheering section. Simply put - women are POWERFUL. I am so proud to be one and be amongst such strong, capable, amazing women."



Sure, International Women's Day is one day a year however it reflects a year-round celebration of continuous hard work and a strive to consistently break barriers to pave way for a new history. This day is a time of reflection on all the extraordinary women who showcase acts of courage ad determination today, tomorrow, and what will be.


From us at SHAY to you,

Happy International Women's Day!!