Meet Cassie Thorpe.

She's a luxury fashion connoisseur and on the "who's hot" list of rising YouTube sensations. Her journey into the world of opulence began with a deep-rooted passion for luxury fashion, nurtured by her fashion-forward mother, and evolved into a thriving YouTube channel where she shares her sartorial expertise and infectious love for all things glamorous. 

Read on to find out what really, makes her sparkle.

Firstly, why the collaboration with SHAY?
I’ve loved SHAY from the moment I first stumbled across their pieces - they’re fun and make a statement whilst being super wearable for everyday. They’re not your usual fine jewelry and that’s what I love.”

How did you first become interested in luxury fashion, and what motivated you to start a YouTube channel centered around it?
I’d always loved luxury fashion and grew up with a Mum who was very passionate about it too, so I would read all the fashion magazines monthly and soak up as much as I could. When I first started working, I started a fashion blog but grew a bit bored of that and my (now) fiancé suggested that I should try a YouTube channel as I might enjoy that more. So I started my channel and fell in love with creating videos and sharing my passion. 

Your channel aims to help women feel confident and fabulous through luxury fashion. How do you believe luxury fashion contributes to building self-confidence?
I think fashion in general helps build self-confidence, especially in that “fake it ‘till you make it” way - sometimes you’re not feeling your best self but putting on an outfit that makes you feel like your confident alter-ego can boost your mood, and the next thing you know you actually do feel like you can handle whatever is thrown at you. It’s almost like armor, with the right outfit, you can face anything (or you can at least feel that way). 

As a content creator in the luxury fashion space, how do you handle criticism or judgment from viewers who might not share the same passion for luxury items?
I think I share my passion for luxury in a way that doesn’t take itself too seriously - I know at at the end of the day that none of these luxury things mean anything, and I think that because I tackle luxury from that angle I’ve been lucky enough to not get too much criticism from people who don’t “get” it. 

Can you share a particular experience where a luxury item you purchased had a significant impact on your life or personal style?
Recently I bought an Incredible short sleeved blazer by Alexandre Vauthier and my style doesn’t really lean toward this tailored, traditional-looking blazers but the way this jacket was cut and sits on my body makes me feel like I could rule the world. It brings me that confidence mentioned earlier.

Many people aspire to own luxury items but might feel intimidated or unsure about where to start. What advice do you have for someone who wants to incorporate luxury fashion into their wardrobe for the first time?
I think it’s very important when you start out to focus on the pieces you’ll use the most - a lot of people are scared to use their expensive pieces but by using them that's when you really get to enjoy the quality or how it makes you feel. So whatever item it is, whether jewelry, a bag or shoes or clothing - go for the items that you know you can really get good use out of and choose the style based on what speaks to you the most, not just what’s popular or a ‘classic’.

In your videos, you often talk about feeling fabulous. What are some non-material aspects or mindset shifts that you believe contribute to feeling fabulous and confident?
Confidence, to me, comes from being willing to learn. No one knows everything about everything and I think that’s where a lack of confidence comes from - being worried about being wrong. There’s a confidence that comes from being open to try and learn along the way and I try to remind myself of that when I want to try something new. 

What is one accessorizing rule you swear by?
Juxtaposition - if you’re dressing casually, put on a dressy, or typically ‘evening’ accessory to make things interesting.

Lastly, can you share some future plans or exciting projects you have in store for your YouTube channel and its luxury-addicted family?

I like the element of surprise…

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