The most important rule of building the perfect pendant stack is having varying heights or lengths to your chains.
Generally, you want to start with a feature piece, and build around it, or start from the shortest chain length to the longest. No matter the number of necklaces in your stack, you can spice it up by mixing in a classic chain or link, which hangs more circularly. This will add depth to your layer while not drawing away attention from your feature piece.
Starting with diamonds as the base allows you to have fun with building in other gemstones or different shades of gold. Don't forget you can add in colored gemstones to create an eye
catching stack.
Pendants, pendants, pendants. They allow you to have varying sizes, textures, and colors within your stack. Make sure you mix and match chain styles and lengths. Leaving negative space in your stack will also provide room for each piece to be seen and not overcrowded.
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