We caught up with our co-founders this week to bring you a little more information behind the brand and what inspired their collaboration with The Petal Workshop.

How did your partnership with The Petal Workshop come to be? Can you tell us more about the connection between jewelry and flowers? 

We wanted to begin to increase our creative projects and found we had a little more time on our hands during the early stages of COVID. We also strongly believe how important it is that businesses are supporting each other as we navigate through it and who doesn't love flowers!!! They are inspiring and emotive and generate a sense of hope and happiness when you have them around. The Petal Workshop has always been a florist we have admired so it made perfect sense. 


Where do you find your inspirations for your designs? Was there a piece of jewelry that inspired you to start making your own? 

SHAY was born 15 years ago from a love of jewelry that both my mom and I had. I wanted to create my own and the first piece was a chunky chain with leather woven through it. I made it at home, in my kitchen with store-bought materials.


What is it like working as a Mother-Daughter duo? How did you decide on this partnership?

We are very lucky that we complement each other. There was no question that I wanted to do this with my mom. We're extremely close and have the same taste and style in pretty much everything! The plus side is that it makes our wardrobe double size! 

It is extremely hard not to let work dominate every conversation and sometimes we need subtle reminders from each other when it does. The partnership happened very naturally as it was Ladan who encouraged me to try and sell my bracelet to stores. We went together to a boutique in Beverly Hills where the buyer placed an order in every color and they were sold out within a week!


Most of your pieces are meant to be layered or stacked. Can you share with us tips on how to curate these stacks? What are the details that are important to focus on? 

My five key tips that you can apply to any stack are:

  1. Select a focus piece and build your stack around that.
  2. Starting with diamonds as the base allows you to have fun with building in other gemstones or different shades of gold.
  3. Leave some negative space in your stack. This will provide room for each piece to been seen and not overcrowded. 
  4. Experiment with thicknesses, metals, and colors
  5. Odd numbers! 3, 5, or 7 seem to be the lucky numbers. 

If you could only wear one piece from your collection, what would it be and why? 

Ladan: That’s like picking your favorite child! The jumbo pave link bracelet or actually our newest SHAY watch! They grey meteorite face with the emerald cut diamonds and the pave link chain )

Tania: ahh that’s so hard one I would say, medium link choker with the emerald cut diamond in the center. A classic statement piece.