We love collaborating with creators who spread positivity and radiant light.  

Jennifer Rhee is the creator of LAIT Candles, an LA-based but French-inspired company that makes handmade, high-quality, and non-toxic candles to nourish one's senses. In fact, LAIT means “milk” in French.

 Every hand-poured soy candle is created to stimulate and nourish all senses and illuminate the space with all-natural fragrances and essential oils. Each candle has a purpose with carefully chosen names and ingredients to uplift the mood and energy.

We did an at-home custom candle making tutorial in collaboration with LAIT Candles featured on MATCHESFASHION IGTV. Candle making is a peaceful activity to do at home as well as a heavenly way to set the mood and light up the evening. 


Here are some ways to make at-home candle making simple and therapeutic: 

  1. Start by using soy wax; it could be melted in the microwave and is easy to clean up. 
  2. Customize fragrance oils and essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, rose, neroli (orange blossom)
  3. Blend oils with the wax
  4. Pour into a LAIT or reusable candle holder 
  5. Fill creation almost to the top 
  6. Center the wick using chopsticks 
  7. Wait 24 hours (at least) for the wax to sit and harden
  8. Cut wick before light 
  9. Light, relax & enjoy!

We sat down with Jenn after our filming to learn a little bit about her:

What do you love about living in LA? 

I've been a California native all my life but LA is pretty much a world of its own. There are so many new people that come in and out of here with all different backgrounds and I'm always intrigued with their stories. Each part of LA, whether it's Malibu or Silverlake, has unique characteristics and lifestyle of its people and surroundings. I love that you can take a drive to the PCH to visit the beach or drive to the mountains in San Gabriel Valley to go for a waterfall hike. Before the pandemic, I loved visiting local farmer's markets and vintage flea markets like the Rose Bowl. The glamorous / Hollywood aspect definitely lured me from the Orange County bubble so it's amusing to see celebrities doing "normal things" here. I'm especially fond of the different kinds of foods that you can experience here and if you love music like me, this is the best city for that - from musicals to the Hollywood Bowl. The weather, even though we complain about this all the time, is definitely hard to beat anywhere else in America. We get sunshine-weather all year round. 

How have you adapted to working from home?

I started my candlemaking business hand-pouring candles at home so it's a process that is all too familiar for me. The challenge was having the increased volume and strategizing the smaller space with a bigger collection and not being able to see my custom candle clients. Zoom calls and "curbside" pickups have definitely been the new normal. 

Homewares are so popular now, even more than they were, do you have plans for new products?

I launched a hand-made ceramic capsule collection of cups, vases, and bowls. I collaborated with my aunt who has been doing ceramics for years and designed a curated assortment of homeware that you can enjoy alongside LAIT candles. My favorite is the Camelia ceramic matchstick holder - it looks so perfect right next to the candle and was named after the Camellia flower because of the petal-shaped design. 

What is your favorite scent and why?

Because I create and blend all my signature scents myself, I do have many favorites from my signature scent collection that I rotate depending on my mood or day. La Vie en Rose is my go-to scent if I want to feel uplifted. Geranium rose is much lighter and greener than traditional rose notes, then layered with citrus yuzu. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus that has a hint of bitter notes - resembling citrus peel and less sweet. I created this scent as a tribute for all women who have been affected by Breast Cancer. My favorite scents for bath time is Lavender White Tea and something more smokey and moody called Le Reve. It's intensity of smoke and clove with a hint of fig smells amazing with my citrus-scented epsom salts. During my "Work-From-Home" hours, I've been enjoying my newest scent No.27 Litchi Bambou. It's super therapeutic with notes of lychee fruit which transports me to my favorite summer tropical destinations. When I'm winding down and have a chance to watch some Netflix, I'll light something like No.07 Smoke Milk. It's soothing and sweet with notes of coconut, almond, amber, and sage. 

What has been your vice during "shelter at home"?

Due to the current situation, it can be hard to stay focused so I've been taking mini-breaks throughout the day to focus on self-care like working out or making something new. Visiting local coffeeshops was one of my favorite things to do before the pandemic so I've been creating my own cafe experience by making my own drinks. During my downtime, I find myself in the kitchen - learning new things like making lavender syrup from fresh lavender, grown from my friend's garden, then add them to my matcha lattes and teas. I also made some DIY face masks and body scrubs by watching video tutorials. After dinner, Netflix shows I've been enjoying are comedy like "Dead to Me" and maybe even some educational documentaries to learn more about Black American History. 


Written by Amanda Piroozian 

Edited by Indhra Gare