With time on our hands, we reached out to one of our favorite LA-based florists, The Petal Workshop, to brainstorm some creative ideas to keep us busy.

The result was a breathtaking collaboration that showcases the natural beauty, delicacy, and radiant combination of 3 signature SHAY capsules. The Petal Workshop translated these in their language of florals.

Yellow Diamonds: This floral design is a mixture of soft and vibrant yellow tones, which capture the elegance and sparkle of the yellow diamonds.



SHAY Signature Stack: The Petal Workshop uses a variety of flowers from orchids to roses to peonies in fresh and radiant colors illuminating the essence and beauty of the stack’s color palette.



Rainbow Gems: This curated, colorful assortment of flowers was inspired by our rainbow gems to illuminate the array of colors. The selection included strong blues to earthy green and light pink blooms.

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We got up close and personal with Founder and Creator of The Petal Workshop, Matty Heron. 

So, you have moved your studio to your home. How was the transition?

The original Workshop is actually behind my home on the property.  It is quaint and cute and is the perfect size studio for the event-free climate we are currently living in. Over the course of the last 5 years, the Company has seen much growth, most especially in the event world. This demanded a bigger space so we packed up and moved downtown to a community shared workspace with the largest cooler you ever did see, high ceilings, and just a lot of breathing room.  When the pandemic hit, and all of our countless events and weddings were getting postponed or canceled we decided the safest situation was to pack up and head home.  With less staff (sadly) and no events, the original Workshop feels safe and is very convenient for our busy day to day deliveries.  

What is keeping you and your team sane while working from home?

I don't know if any of us are actually feeling "sane" right now as everything is so uncertain and chaotic. However, the team and I do feel safer at home. The lush garden outside of the Workshop gives us a sense of calmness which is really lovely as the world is just not calm right now. And the garden is super convenient for foraging greens and floral we need to make our day to day that much lusher and unique.

At the end of the pandemic tunnel, what is the first thing you want to do?

Fly somewhere overseas and take a real vacation, not one forced on us due to a pandemic!

Favorite playlist (song or album even) while working?

Anything Taylor Swift.  And talk about the best timing ever during a pandemic, she surprises us with the release of her new INCREDIBLE album, Folklore!!!!!  Yessss!

What do you love about LA?

 Love and LA...hmmmm...I suppose little fragments of its entirety - small doses of it all.


Written by Amanda Piroozian 

Edited by Indhra Gare