Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color?

This makes color the most important characteristic when it comes to emeralds as hue and tone can vary greatly. The most preferable colors of green are a medium to high saturation with either a bluish-green or yellowish-green hue. 

All of our beautiful emeralds are sourced from Colombia and Zambia. Colombia emeralds tend to have a warmer, deeper pure green color whereas Zambia emeralds are a cooler, more bluish-green hue. 

The tone of an emerald is simply how light or dark the gemstone is. The tone scale runs from a 0 to a 10, and emeralds usually fall between a 2 and 8. The darker the tone does not mean the quality of the emerald is higher. 

When it comes to choosing a shade of emerald that is right for you, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whichever shade you are most drawn to is the perfect pick for you!

Check out the slight tonal changes in some of our emeralds below.


Warm & Light

The SHAY Emerald Pinky Ring is lighter in color with a warm green hue.



Cool & Vivid
The SHAY Emerald Oval Eternity Band has a cooler appearance with a blueish-green hue.

Dark & Vibrant

The SHAY Emerald Floating Ring has a slightly darker tone and yellowish-green hue.


What is your emerald tone of choice?