With the New Year finally here, here are the top 3 jewelry trends for 2022 that you should invest in.

Layer those links!

This year the obsession with stacking and layering continues. Make the look your own by mixing textures and gold metals, or add more personality with a statement pendant. Don't be afraid to mix and layer. Go big or go home definitely applies here.



Statement Earrings

The holiday season always welcomes dramatic earrings into wardrobes, and the runways predict that this trend is only going to grow in 2022. Steal the show with statement earrings, with a variety of pieces crafted with gemstones and textures. An effortless way to add instant style to your look.



Gradations of colors are making a statement in jewelry right now -- a beautiful sign of self-expression and what makes us all unique. Oversized, colorful, and a bit quirky, the spring 2022 runways are begging us to have a bit of fun with our jewelry. These pieces feature sleek rows of playful and cheerful gemstones that morph together to add a little more color to your everyday. For creatures of habit who gravitate towards the same pieces day after day, now is your chance to dive into uncharted waters.