Just like a man's car says a lot about the person that he is, so does his choice of accessories. Here's our round up of the top 3 men's styles and what it says about your man, or potential man.


The Necklace Man

Being the type of man who wears a pendant necklace gives off the idea that you know what you want; you're creative, original and proud of it. 

To get it right, try a mid-weight chain with a small pendant, which will add interest to your outfits and create a talking point. If you don't like pendant's, give the Link Necklace a try as it adds detail to any outfit without taking the focus from yourself.  




The Bracelet Man

Bracelets evolved over time from good luck charm, to a status symbol, to the modern style accessory for men. 

They can give an outfit that extra ounce of charm, or expose a personality without ever having to say a word. It can be a way of hinting to a life outside the office, or share a vibe with those around them. The key to wearing a bracelet is effortlessness. 



The Pinky Ring Man

Historically, signet rings have displayed family crests and monograms and doubled as a seal for correspondence. Men often wore them on the pinky or ring finger. Worn on the pinky, in modern history, they were a symbol of wealth and prestige.

Today’s signet rings still act as a modern signature and are proudly passed between generations. Showcase your own personal engraving on the flat surface, from your initials to symbols and dates. Though the pinky finger is traditional, today’s new rules say your ring belongs on any finger. 

The modern man has moved on from signets and shows his adventurous nature in styles designed with black diamonds or mixed gold colors.