From vibrant colors to chunky stacks, there has been a broad mixture of new and old jewelry trends that we have seen hit the red carpet and street style radar so far this year.

With fashion week coming up in New York, Milan, Paris, and London, we are sure to see these current trends and some new ones pop up in the streets. 

Want to get on the trends before everyone else does? Discover the top 4 jewelry trends of 2022 and how to master them.

When it comes to styling jewelry for 2022, stacking on multiple pieces has become the new norm. The art of stacking pieces on a hand, neck, ear, or wrist has become so popular as it gives creatives and fashionistas yet another way to express their creativity and show off their styling skills. If you are just starting on your stacking journey or you have hit a roadblock, remember that there is no wrong way to stack. Have fun with your stack, and play around with chunky pieces and delicates. Don’t be afraid to add too much, the more the better.

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Wearing an array of colorful jewelry has become a new staple in everyday jewelry wear. A rise in tonal dressing and color blocking this year has seen bright precious gemstones being used to take one’s outfit to the next level. Instead of going for your classic gold essentials, opt in for a stand-out emerald, pink or blue sapphire.

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 Expressing yourself through what you wear has become big this year. Especially in the jewelry world. We have been seeing more and more customized pieces pop up on our favorite celebrities. A year of birth, name, zodiac sign, and/or initial are a must-have when it comes to adding a personal touch to your look. 

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Summer brought us high temperatures, more days in the sun, and an increase in European vacations. Along with this came hand chains, anklets, and body chains.  If you are looking for a way to elevate your tropical vacation looks then it’s time to add a dainty hand chain, anklet, or body chain to your jewelry collection. 

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