With the Spring season in full swing, many of us are setting off on little getaways to make the most of the new blooms, longer days, and warm sun rays.

Whether you are embarking on a mini road trip down the coast, spending the weekend in an exclusive location, or jetting off to another part of the globe, it can sometimes be tricky to pack your bag with items that will make your trip one to remember.

If you have just started packing your bag or have a countdown until the days you go, we have 5 must-pack items that we think you need to include in your bag to help you make your spring getaway the best one yet!

Make capturing your spring moments even more special with a polaroid camera. Yes, you can snap a shot on your phone in a heartbeat but there is something about a little polaroid print-out that makes a moment in time feel extra special. It's also a bit of fun when you take your shot and have to wait for the photo to develop.


Of course. There is no better way to elevate your spring outfits than with some chic jewelry pieces. If you are looking for ways to add a little extra pop to your looks, jewelry with some color is your new best friend. Check out our fave SHAY pieces for your spring wardrobe: Explore Spring


For your time in the sky, road trip across the state or short drive to your destination. It is always nice to have a good book handy. Once you have reached your destination you may be spending some time by the pool, laying on the sand, or having a cute picnic in the park. It's time to turn off and relax with some light reading.


Although we love those warmer sun rays, they sadly are not so kind to our skin. If you are planning to spend your days outdoors, remember to bring a hat to avoid a day stuck inside with a cherry red nose. Make sure it's a cute though.



Seems a little unnecessary but how many times have you been on vacay and found the most perfect spot to sit and have lunch, a drink, or to enjoy the view and had nothing to sit on? Not this time.