With summer just around the corner, a lot of us are ready to spend the longer days and weekends exploring the outdoors and new destinations. To ensure the road trip to your new discovery is an easy ride, here are our 6 essentials to make it a trip to be remembered.

1. Killer Playlist - Images of girl on phone in car,  cassette tape and girl hanging out window of car with scenic background


No road-trip is complete without a few good playlists to get you through the long drives, unexpected traffic and scenic views. Make sure to add a good mixture of your favorite tunes and songs that you haven’t heard in while to keep you entertained. Don’t forget to add some sing alongs.


2. Tech - Man taking photo with slr camera in revision mirror of car and photo of phone mounted on dashboard of car

A phone to direct you to your destination, headphones in case you are stuck in the backseat out of the conversation and a camera to capture the passing amazing scenic views. Don’t forget a car charger, you don’t want to get lost on your drive with no phone and no directions.


3. Basket of Snacks - Photo of food in containers on map, picnic basket on rug and inside open chip packet


For impromptu roadside picnics and snacks on the go. To avoid unwanted gas station food, make sure to pack a variety of delicious snacks to last you the trip. Find the cutest spot to sit and watch the sunset? You’ll have a picnic all ready to go.


4. Gas Buddy App - Photo of old school gas station and phone with map on screen

As gas prices are not so kind at the moment, this app will help you find the closest gas stations with the cheapest fuel prices. Make sure to download the Gas Buddy App via your App Store before you go. Download the App.


5. Stylish Sunglasses - Photo of scenic road with pine trees, sunglasses on car dashboard and woman driving vintage car 

To hide your eyes from that beaming sun entering through the windshield. There is nothing worse than forgetting your sunglasses and having the sun hit your eyes whilst driving. So don’t forget your sunglasses! Just make sure they are stylish.


6. Emergency Kit - Photo with first aid kit and red and white heart

A kit filled with the emergency essentials. Because you never know when you might need them.


6 SHAY Pieces


6 SHAY pieces to get you from A to B without ever taking them off.