Summertime hits different.

We all start to change our hot coffee for iced and swap out our black basics for a burst of color. So hot right now on the trending list for summer is the color pink.

Pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others and represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability.
The color pink comes in a variety of shades. From very soft baby pinks to vibrant hot pinks, this lovely color can be a beautiful complement to any ensemble. 
A variety of shades of pink can also be discovered in pink sapphires. These exquisite little gems range in color from powder pink, bubblegum pink, baby blush pink, hot pink, pastel pink, and many more. A ll the various shades of pink sapphires are seen as the most universally complimentary to all skin tones. The wearer of the pink sapphire exudes femininity and delicacy, coupled with an inner resilience and strength. Explore our Pink Sapphires

 This summer, why not make pink your go-to color for the sunny season. Not just for its pretty looks but for what it embodies.

Not sure how to add pink into your daily wear? Let us guide you through how to style pink the right way so that you can rock it all season long.
 Start with a white, cream, soft pink or denim outfit. This way, when you are adding a little pink to your look you don't feel too out of your comfort zone. However, if you are someone who is not afraid to stand out in a crowd, play with some color blocking.

 Trending right now is tonal dressing. Try to ensemble all your accessories together so that they are the same color. Have your jewelry, shoes, bag, and sunglasses all be the same shade of pink. Now that's how you put an outfit together!

You don't need to be sophisticated in black anymore. Let the pink power bring out your fun, bubbly and confident side. You are wearing pink, it's time to stand out.