The fine-jewelry pieces we wear will always feel personal, but when it comes to celebrating life's big moments, customized words, names, dates, and letters make wearing jewelry feel all that more special. 

Wearing and carrying a special moment in time allows us to have a constant reminder of our meaningful events and becomes our own unique piece of memorabilia. 

We share some of life's biggest moments and designs from our new personalized collection that will help you celebrate your milestones. 

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Traditionally, any piece of jewelry is an intimate gift to give your significant other for an anniversary. Celebrating another year, month or day of love, commitment, and relationship strength is definitely a life event to honor. Make that piece of jewelry all the more special by adding your date of commitment, the initials of your loved one, or the word/name that represents your other half.

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 The life-changing event of welcoming a newborn to the world is a moment in time that will be cherished for a lifetime. A special piece of memorabilia is the perfect way to mark this meaningful date, express love for the being you created, or signify your newfound identity. Personalize with the name or initials of your child, your new love's birth date, or represent who you are now, a 'Mama'.

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Of course, every birthday is monumental, however, some should be acknowledged as a beautiful achievement of growth and success. Celebrate life and how far you've come since the day you were brought into this world with a unique piece that represents you. An initial, nickname or your new chapter is the perfect way to stamp you on a timepiece.

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There is something so comforting about feeling like we have a piece of that special someone with us when they are no longer with us. A sentimental memento that we can keep close to us is a perfect keepsake for cherishing and remembering a loved one. Commemorate your person with their name or initials, relation to you, or a date that is meaningful.