The trend that has been on everyone’s wish list and seen on the likes of Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, and many more of our favorite celebs. ‘The Ear Party’ is one of the newest trends we all find ourselves wanting to be a part of. 

The newest trend in pop culture that is. Us humans have been piercing our body parts for around the past 5000 years, with the oldest mummified remains ever discovered to be wearing earrings. You could argue the 90s was the start of the ear party trend with the punk and grunge era taking to the needle several times through the ear in order to fit into the aesthetic.

So why the over-pierced and over-stacked ear now? Because it gives us a new way to show off our creative flair and elevate our everyday looks. And it just looks cool…obviously. 

But how does one perfect the stacked ear look? Some would say it’s an art form. Really it’s not as hard as it looks. Follow our five tips to help you throw the best ear party yet.

Close up of ear with two dangling diamond earrings and two ear cuffs
You don’t need to have several ear piercings to get the stacked look. Try a no-piercing needed ear cuff or two. Pair with any earring in your lobes and stack them up your ear to create the illusion of several piercings.

Close up of ear with two rectangular diamond earrings and a rectangle shape ear cuff
Good things come in threes!
When you start inviting pieces to your party, try to balance them in odd numbers. Start with 3 and then add up to 5, then to 7 if you are feeling adventurous.

close up of ear with 1 star ear jacket, a diamond stud earring, tassle ear cuff and rectangular diamond ear cuff
What better way to show the world exactly who you are than with pieces that are meaningful to you. We'll give you an example. A diamond to represent the month you were born, the letter of your first name to make yourself known and an emerald, your forever favorite color of course.

close up of ear with dangling diamond earring and straight rectangular hoop like earring

If you are playing with different lengths, start with your longest earring first and get shorter/smaller as you go up the lobe. This creates a perfect line of symmetry for your ear and elevates your look, making you appear sophisticated, polished, and fearless.

close up of ear with twin dangling daimond earring, another dangling diamong earring and a diamond ear cuff
There are no rules to your ear party. Have fun and get creative. Play with some color, mix in different metals, stack more on or go out and get that new piercing you have always wanted. Change it up as many times as you need to discover your perfect party.