It is hard to miss the intriguing blood-like red color of the exquisite Ruby, making the wearer just as alluring as the precious gemstone. July is the time for embracing the sun and adventuring the outdoors despite the heat. It's only fitting that its birthstone is the blazing ruby. The name ‘Ruby’ is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning “red” – the color of love and passion.

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The ruby is known as the stone of nobility, purity, and passion and is often considered to be the most emotionally powerful gemstone in the world. This precious gemstone has long been the symbol of love and commitment and is said to inspire devotion and faithfulness in one’s romantic relationship. In the 1800s French jewelers referred to the ruby as the “dearly loved stone.” It was said that the sparkle and fiery red color of the ruby inspired sensuality in the wearer.

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The ruby can be found in many tones, saturations, and secondary color variations, however, the finest ruby appears a pure, vibrant red with a slightly purple undertone. If a ruby is found to be of a very light pink color, it is actually considered to be a pink sapphire. This is because pink sapphires and rubies belong to the same family of minerals known as corundum. A ruby gets its darker red and purple color due to the presence of chromium, whereas the pink sapphire holds iron and titanium impurities which make the light pink color of the gemstone a sapphire and not a ruby.

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