The month of May. Named after the Roman goddess of fertility and spring ‘Maia', who oversaw the growth of plants. It is only fitting that this month is the welcomer of the new blooms, longer days, and pop of green we all know as the season of Spring.

May’s birthstone is the month of the enchanting Emerald. Known for its enticing vivant green color, this special gemstone is a symbol of good fortune, wisdom, patience, and new beginnings.

Once the favorite gemstone of Egypt’s most famous female Pharaoh, Cleopatra, the Emerald has been admired by many cultures for centuries. During ancient Roman times, the Emerald was associated with Venus the goddess of beauty and love.

Now, the Emerald is renowned around the world for its beauty. From the royals to red carpets, Emeralds have become a jewelry phenomenon, being set into rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and broaches. 

The vivant green of an emerald is sure not one to be missed, making it a perfect pop of color to add to any outfit. Whether it be everyday wear or on the carpet of the met-gala, the Emerald will forever be a stone to turn heads. 

Said to be a powerful stone for manifestation and patience, the wearer is often drawn to not only its beauty but the positive properties of this stone.

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