As the longer days, warmer sunshine rays, and afternoon ocean swims start to come to an end, the blue feelings of having to spend more of your time indoors starts to creep in.

It's time to get re-inspired and continue the vibrant feelings of summer for the days ahead. To help you realign and refresh, we round up our favorite Instagram profiles of the summer that are sure to spark a little creativity or new inspiration in you.


Looking for new interior inspiration for your home? Sophie Bell aka owner of Peppa Hart Studio has a unique take on all things interior design. Having recently sold her beautiful minimalist-style home in Australia. Sophie has made the move to Bali and is starting on a new home project. Her creative process in fitting out her new home is going to be one you won't want to miss!

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If you are feeling down about summer coming to an end, then Jasmine Dowling's feed is sure to keep you in your summer feels all year round. Her extreme attention to detail and unique take on product photography is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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California girl Julie Sariñana aka Sincerely Jules will be your new go-to for style tips and new travel destinations to add to your bucket list. Her effortless way to put together a casual yet high-fashion-looking outfit is truly a work of art. 

Nail art is trending hot right now. If you are someone who heads into the salon every 3-4 weeks ready to change up your nail game then Dissey Nails is the perfect page to follow for constant new inspiration. 


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If you are someone who loves to cook or you are just beginning to get bored of making the same meals every week, then the recipes at Gather and Feast will sure spice up your tastebuds. From quick 10-minute meals to delicious chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies. The owner of Gather and Feast, Ashely Alexander has endless recipes of flavorful foods to try. 

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