Happy Pride Month!
A month of celebrating living & loving freely, the movement toward equality, and rainbows, lots of rainbows. But why is the month of June the month we celebrate Pride, and where does the iconic rainbow symbolism come from?
Pride month is celebrated in the month of June every year to honor the Stonewall Uprising which took place in Greenwich Village, Manhattan in June 1969.

When police raided the gay bar, The Stonewall Inn on the morning of June 28, it sparked fire in the community. Fed up with constant police harassment and social discrimination patrons and neighborhood residents gathered in anger which led to the start of the Stonewall Riots, which continued on for another 5 days straight.
The Stonewall Riots influenced the start of more protests and demands for the LGBTQIA+ people. The events that took place that day were the beginning of the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world. In 1978, artist, designer, Vietnam War veteran, and then-drag performer, Gilbert Baker created the rainbow flag for San Francisco’s annual pride parade.
The different colors of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo, and violet were included to represent the togetherness of all races, ages, and genders. Each of the eight colors featured on the original flag all had a different meaning. At the top was hot pink, which represented sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow signifying sunlight, green for nature, turquoise to represent art, indigo for harmony, and finally violet at the bottom for spirit.
In the years since, the rainbow flag has only grown in popularity and is now seen around the globe as a positive representation of the LGBT community.
How do you celebrate pride? What is your rainbow wear of choice? 

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