Most of us are clear on our view on the moral ethics of face masks and their accessories as fashion items.

Being able to move forward and accept the new norm also requires us to embrace the face mask as an everyday item. It has now become an extension of mood and personality while it hides expressions. What better way to show laughter, smiles, acceptance, support and love when you can not show your face?

For the foreseeable future, we will all be advised to wear masks in situations where social distancing isn’t possible. And with that, it’s created a new subset for many Americans: the fashion mask. We’ve already seen micro trends related to masks—namely the luxury designer mask or the perfectly matched mask and outfit. But while we all (should be) wearing masks, how does it feel to see something so associated with the loss and tragedy of the pandemic become part of a look?

Read on to hear five Vogue editors and writers discuss the rise of the fashion mask.