Lipstick is more than just a colored cosmetic applied to the lips. The color of your lipstick can say a lot about who you are and give a small insight into your true personality. So what does your lipstick color say about you, and what jewelry suits you best based on your choice. 


You are bold, beautiful, and a little bit edgy. Making a statement when you walk into a room makes you feel confident and is how you like to walk through life. Bold gold and exquisite diamond pieces are best suited to your style and match your powerful energy.



Cool, composed, and sophisticated, you don’t follow trends, you start them. You see life as too short to blend in and find yourself constantly seeking change and adventure. Untraditional, unique pieces are most fitting to your style because being basic isn’t in your DNA.


Classic and chic, you are a person of simple tastes. You carry yourself with effortless elegance and know what works for you and stick to it. Classic and timeless diamond pieces are most suited to your grace.



Sweet and bubbly, you are someone who people always want to be around. You are a creative at heart and love to live life through color. Your favorite color is pink… obviously, so pieces with subtle pink tones is the obvious choice for you.