With fall in full swing, some of us find ourselves switching our daily go-to coffee order for fun concoctions to suit the season. However, some of us will stick to the same flavor day in and day out because we wake up craving a particular taste from our pick-me-up that we just can’t get enough of.

In celebration of National Coffee Day this Saturday, October 1st, we debunked what your coffee order says about you and what SHAY style best suits you from your choice.

Collage on dark brown background with shay product and photos with coffee and jewelry


What you see is what you get with you. You are confident, sophisticated, and fearless. Not afraid to be yourself and tell it how it is, you are a natural-born leader. Your closet is filled with black, with only a small section taken up by neutrals. Your SHAY style is 18k white gold and big diamonds because you need the bling to match your big personality.


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You are influential, trendy, and empathetic. Your superpower is being the first person to jump on trends before they become too saturated in the fashion world. People always turn to you for advice. Whether that be for relationship troubles or what shoes they should wear with their outfit. You are a good listener and are the ultimate hype girl for anyone who needs it. Your SHAY style is our best selling 18k yellow gold and dazzling diamond styles, because isn’t it obvious?


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The ultimate cool girl. You are calm, unique, and creative. You don’t follow trends, you start them. Being your own individual is very important to you and your style and aura reflect that. No day is the same for you and neither is any outfit. Your SHAY style is anything emerald because you are a beautiful one-of-a-kind gem just like they are.


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Hi, the life of the party is here. You are energetic, bubbly and charming. You have the natural ability to light up the room you are in and people find your positive and fun energy contagious. Color and trends play a big part in your life, with you often found changing your wardrobe and home decor style based on the seasons. Your SHAY style is definitely 18k rose gold mixed with a splash of pink sapphires or the color of the season.