Say goodbye to one-color way metals and hello to two-toned jewelry. 

Because we are always left wanting more, when it comes to fashion and styling, tonal jewelry has become yet another new way for designers and creatives to showcase their unique sense of style and eye for trends.

From catwalks to street style, the two-toned phenomenon is something we are starting to see more and more of and will not be going away anytime soon. 
Discover more about the must-have 2022 two-toned jewelry trends and why you need to add them to your wardrobe right now!

Mixing Metals
A unique new aesthetic to bring to your jewelry styling game. 
Traditionally seen as a big no-no, mixing silver and gold has become the new go-to for modern-day jewelry designers and wearers. No need to stick to your chosen side anymore, style in another metal to your everyday to freshen up your looks.

SHAY Two Toned Bracelet and Link Ring product photos

Contrasting Colors
A unique and intriguing way to add a glint of color into your jewelry is with colors that contrast. 2022 has seen the likes of Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, and many influencers swap out their usual go-to golden pieces for half color and metal pieces, and we can't get enough. Forget the basics, it's time to start adding some color to your looks with contrasting colored jewelry.

SHAY multicolor ring and ruby and gold bracelet product photos

Matte Finishings

 Move over shiny finishings, two-toned matte pieces are the new must-have jewelry trend. Mix it in amongst your favorites or stack it up to create an edgy yet sophisticated look.

SHAY new two-tone matte bracelet and link ring product photos