Whether you have just booked your next European vacation or it’s on your bucket list, we all have somewhere particular in mind that we are yearning for when we hear the word Europe. From historic cities to glittering coastlines, here are our top four European destinations and your SHAY style based on your favorite location.


Amalfi Coast photos and SHAY jewelry products overlayed

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The ultimate sun and sand lover. In your spare time, you will always be found outside enjoying the sun and on occasion with an Aperol spritz in hand. Because you are outside most of the time and usually have minimal clothing on, dainty versatile pieces that go with absolutely any outfit are your go-to!

Photos of Paris overlayed with SHAY jewelry product pieces

Paris, France

The foodie. You are someone who loves to explore iconic locations that are full of history and culture. You are obsessed with trying new food and champagne just so happens to be your drink of choice. Pretty timeless pieces suit you best and are a compliment to the Parisian style.

Photos of Santorini, Greece with SHAY jewelry products overlayed

Santorini, Greece

The island hopper. You are very individual and creative at heart. Your go-to travel destination is always anywhere surrounded by water. Your favorite way to connect with your location is by coordinating your style with the theme of your destination. Pops of pink and blue alike the scenes of the beautiful Santorini water and vibrant  bougainvillea flower are the perfect match for you.

Photos of Dubrovnik, Croatia with SHAY jewelry products overlayed

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The explorer. You live life a little on the edge. Nothing makes you happier than trying new things and exploring new places. Your vibe is definitely intriguing. A mix of enchanting emeralds and unique diamond pieces is the best way to portray your personality and style.